Aged Care Sector

KC’s Northern Beaches Locksmiths have been involved in many aged care facilities over the past 30 years. We have learnt it is a sector with specific needs to keep residents and staff safe, and deter criminals.

Some key factors we take into consideration when surveying an aged care facility are:

1. Key Control

Key control is always an issue for concern. We recommend Restricted Master keys systems with varied levels, to allow appropriate staff, specific access to the necessary areas. This type of system also stops unauthorised people from getting keys duplicated. Some large facilities are now taking advantage of electronic access technologies however, this can be very costly for small to medium sized organisations.

Locksmith options for the aged care sector
2. External Doors

Some aged care facilities have many external doors that need to be secured at certain times of the day and night, to help keep residents safe and also stop some wandering from the facility. Working with management we consider the number and location of accessible perimeter doors and the installation of a good standard self-locking, locks and closers, to help improve security procedures (which should be appropriate for evening and weekend periods) and the possibility of movement activated lighting outside the doors.

3. Closed Circuit (CCTV) Surveillance

Organisations use CCTV to monitor the actions of residents, workers and visitors, maintaining a record of evidence in the event of a crime or accident.


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4. Securing Cleaning, Utility and Treatment Rooms

Cleaning, treatment and utility rooms contain medications and chemicals etc., which need to be locked at all times. The risk to residents and visitors accessing these rooms, needs to be negated.

5. Kitchens

When kitchens have been left unsecured, staff have been concerned about food contamination and/or theft. Appropriate locking hardware on doors, cabinets and fridges is necessary in these locations.

6. Windows

Window locks and restrictors are needed for security and safety, to stop any residents from climbing out windows above a certain height.

7. Safes

Safes should be bolted to the floor in a secure location away from general access.

8. Personal Alarms

Personal alarms for the elderly residents in case they have a fall or other issues at the facility, to let the staff know of a situation requiring an immediate response.

9. Other Considerations

Plants, trees and landscaping, which could hide potential intruders.


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