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Northern Beaches Locksmith

Northern Beaches Locksmith

DeeWhy Locksmith Services in Dee Why, Curl, Curl, Narraweena, Wheeler Heights and Belrose provided by KC’s Northern Beaches Locksmiths aims to maximise your security.

Security is an important issue in our lives today. As a locksmith we are asked to give advice on how to make your premises more safe and secure. Some of our recommendations, for the best way to protect your premises from burglary are:

  1. To install and use deadlocks, window locks, security doors and an alarm.
  2. Consider using locks that meet the relevant Australian Security Standards.
  3. Change the combinations of the external door locks when you move into a new premises.
  4. Secure all garages and external buildings with adequate locking.
  5. Get into the habit of checking the security of your house before leaving and never take the “It’ll never happen to me” approach.
  6. Don’t leave notes for people or keys in obvious places.

About Dee Why

Dee Why has become a popular place to live with a high percentage of the residents living in units and apartments. Our lock work in Dee Why is growing steadily with its growth. We are finding our customers are becoming more security conscious, requesting Deadlocks and Window locks to give their properties greater security.

Dee Why has flourished as a popular place for living and visiting with water front cafes and restaurants located right across from the beach. There is a good lively atmosphere during the evening and the street side restaurants and cafe ‘s are usually heavily booked during summer weekends.

A very popular walk is along Dee Why Beach to Long Reef and up to the headland, past the idyllically located golf course. At the top of the headland there are several sculptures, and spectacular views north and south. You can also watch hang glider and paraglider pilots or model plane enthusiasts play around in the up currents at the top of the headland. Dee Why Beach Lagoon is located at the northern end of the beach near Long Reef.

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DeeWhy Locksmith Service provided by KC’s Northern Beaches Locksmiths.