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Northern Beaches Locksmith

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Locksmith Services in Narrabeen provided by KC’s Northern Beaches Locksmiths. Given our family business is based in Narrabeen we have keenly watched it’s evolution over time. Narrabeen and North Narrabeen has a combination of units/apartments, townhouses and homes with it’s own commercial area.


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We came to live at Narrabeen as Kevin was keen to be near the beach and surf. Did you know? Narrabeen Beach is probably the most famous Sydney beach north of Manly due to its appearance in the Beach Boys ‘ song Surfin’ USA and the holding of professional surfing events each year.

Narrabeen Lakes is great for families as kids can play on the dunes near the lagoon and swim there if the surf is too strong. This part of the beach, is close to the camping ground and sports fields. Further south is Narrabeen beach, which is popular with surfers and kite surfers. The Warriewood headland is a launching site for paragliding and hangliding pilots during summer.


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