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Deadbolts are available in double cylinder or single cylinder with turn snib on the inside. Available in a range of colours.

A less expensive alternative to the automatic deadlock, but not suitable for home unit doors

Digital Locks

Digital locks for situations where a key is not wanted.

Digital locks are available in manual (push button type) or electronic models.

Door Closures

Door closers come in a range of types and sizes to suit open in and open out doors.

Door closer are matched to the size and weight of the door.

Door Viewer

Door  Viewers allow you to see who is at your door prior to opening the door. We recommend these to be installed on unit and home front doors to increase your family’s safety.

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are designed for high security applications. They offer a strong, dependable and long-lasting door opening solution and are suitable for use with any access control system using 90 degree swing doors.

Most electric strikes can be changed from power-to-lock or power-to-open, and can be mounted on the left or right hand side of the door. Monitored strikes are also available.

Key in Knob Locks

Key in knob locks come in a variety of functions, including front entry door lock, storeroom lock, classroom function and double sided locking.

These locks are available in residential and commercial grade quality.

Letterbox Locks

We stock a range of letterbox locks to suit domestic and building situations.

Various sizes and strengths are available. These locks can be master keyed or keyed individually.

We also stock a range of letterbox locks that ca be keyed alike to your front door key

Lockable Bolts

The ADI lockable bolt can be used on front doors in a commercial situation, garage doors and roller shutters. It is suitable for both hinged and sliding doors

Lockwood 001

The Lockwood 001 is regarded as the benchmark of automatic deadlatches on the market today. Strength, durability, attractive design and high quality construction have combined to make the 001 an ideal lock for all domestic and many commercial applications.


Padlocks available in various sizes and strengths.
Can be keyed to suit existing keys in residential and commercial situations.
Padlocks available for marine and external applications.

Patio Bolts

Patio bolts are suitable for installing on the inside of sliding and hinged doors.

Supplied in a range of colours and can be keyed alike to window or deadlock keys.

Security Screen Door Locks

Security screen door locks are available for hinged and sliding doors.

These locks come in a range of colours and can usually keyed to match the front door lock key.

Sliding Door Locks

Sliding door locks for residential and commercial situations.

These locks are available in catch and deadlocking models.

Window Locks

Window locks come in a range of applications to suit aluminium and timber windows. Including sliding and hinged windows.

They are designed to comply with insurance requirements and can be keyed alike so you only need one key to open them all.